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The web and mobile phones have become the main means of searching for information. Through many online platforms, users search for information from the physical world around them.

Often a Local User Experience or Local User Experience is only associated with a local small business. But it also plays an important role in companies with multiple branches. why? Because more than 53% of all searches on Google are local.

The local user experience includes the customer experience at both online (online) and offline (physical) touch points. We are seeing a growing avenue of blended shopping, where customers expect the same user experience both online and in a physical location. Often, for example, users find something online and then want to watch it live at the nearest branch … so they want and expect online and offline to reflect the same corporate image.

3 steps to improve the local user experience

The world of the Internet provides a wealth of points of contact with users. Therefore, you need to ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date so that customers can find you, contact you, or visit you. You can improve your local user experience in 3 steps.

Accurate and up-to-date online profiles

The basis of the local user experience is the profiles of the company or branches on the Internet. These should contain as accurate and accurate information as possible. The web or online profiles are the first point of contact with customers. Inaccurate or incomplete information can prevent the purchase path from starting quickly.

When searching locally, customers look for information about opening hours, location, phone number, and offer. If they can rely on this information, they will have a good user experience and improved confidence. Example: A Slovenian company with 15 branches throughout Slovenia took care of updated and consolidated online profiles, improving impressions by 70% and clicks on navigation by 30%.

Manage online reviews

Online reviews are becoming increasingly important as they represent a type of customer recommendation. They influence the customers’ decision about which company they choose, visit or contact. Customers trust them more than they describe products or services themselves. There is one rule about online reviews, and that is answering them.

News publishing

If customers can’t find you online these days, they certainly won’t choose you. Then they make their decisions based on the information and evaluations. If they find 3 similar companies in their vicinity, they can be further persuaded with a campaign or discount … For example a company with 15 branches in Slovenia regularly publishes catalogs on Google branch profiles. Every time customers find their branch, they see the current catalog.

Google Business Profile

The Google Business Profile plays a major role in the local user experience. So the first step is to complete the information in it such as activities, phone number, descriptions, photos, products…

When it comes to online ratings, Google’s profile is on top here too. It allows users to rate your work.

Showing your Google business profile depends on 3 factors: Relevancy of your search. What the customer is searching for, locations or proximity to the company and its visibility on Google. Claimed visibility is affected by online ratings, activity, clicks on a Google profile, and company entries on other digital platforms.

Persov Entry Extension

Create and manage an effective local user experience with Pierce Extended Enrollment. It’s a tool used by more than 1.3 million companies around the world. It allows companies to register on digital platforms in one place and update data easily. It allows you to connect to a Google business profile and thus monitor and respond to it, add Google posts, and monitor Google impressions and clicks (click navigation and phone). It is suitable for all local businesses that want customers to find, visit or contact them. It is necessary for those companies that do not have a website. For others, it is an additional source of customers. It allows businesses with multiple branches to easily manage online branch data from one place and thus manage the local user experience. More at (PR)

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