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After the recent launch of Nokia G11 and Nokia G21 smartphones, HMD Global recently surprised with up to three new models of Android phones. Here are three additional new Nokia C series smartphones, the C21, C21 Plus and C2 2nd Edition models. The three new devices embody the durability and long-lasting battery quality that Nokia phones have been known for for many years.

Nokia smartphones posted 41% revenue growth in the affordable smartphone market from 2020 to 2021. With this, HMD Global will have achieved its first full year of operating profitability in 2021. Therefore, it is not surprising that HMD Global announced that it It will no longer offer new models of high-end Android smartphones for sale in the future.

The last high-end smartphone was introduced by HMD Global in 2019. This was the Nokia 9 PureView. Although the novelty received many positive reviews, its sales did not bring the expected results. The market for high-end Android smartphones is very saturated, with Apple and Samsung dominating.

In the future, HMD Global will only offer Nokia low and mid-range smartphones. This will of course be about devices that offer good value for money. In addition, these devices will provide excellent operational autonomy, which is sure to appeal to many.

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