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Business owners and professionals are excited about Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. why?

Why exactly ThinkPad Notebooks? There are a lot of different laptops online from different manufacturers, from HP and Dell to Asus, Acer and more. Each of them contains ten different laptops designed for different user profiles: gamers, casual users, more advanced users and businesses. However, during all this choice, the user is easily lost and further confused.

If you’re just looking for a new laptop, you definitely turn to online reviews to help isolate the best laptop for you. However, you have to start somewhere. If you type “best business laptops” or something similar into a search engine, you’ll likely notice Lenovo ThinkPad laptops among the results. You will also find in these enthusiastic forums that these laptops have a loyal user base. Let’s see why this is so.

A legend in endurance

ThinkPad laptops It was developed under the auspices of IBM before being acquired by Lenovo in 2005. ThinkPad laptops are known for their durability and longevity. Smaller bumps aren’t an issue with the ThinkPad’s robust design, and signs of long-term wear are less noticeable. For a time, the ThinkPad was also the only laptop approved for use on the International Space Station. Now they are accompanied in space by laptops from HP, Dell and others.

The ThinkPad T series is just one sample of laptops that prove their durability. The ThinkPad T has escaped the arctic wilderness, Mount Everest, the desert and, as it was said, the universe. According to the manufacturer, ThinkPad laptops are durability tested in 200 different cases to ensure that each laptop meets its standards.

strong security

In addition to durability and reliability, experts are looking for another feature in their laptops – safety. Lenovo ThinkPad laptops with ThinkShield Protection combine Lenovo and Microsoft innovations to provide effective end-to-end security. As the number of cyber attacks continues to increase, business users need to be reassured that their data will remain safe from unauthorized access, Wi-Fi spoofing, and other forms of attacks.

The iconic TrackPoint pointing stick

We don’t miss the red TrackPoint pointing device, the hallmark of every ThinkPad laptop. It is a joystick built into the ThinkPad keyboard. It is most commonly used to scroll through documents and spreadsheets, as browsing is much easier and faster than using the touchpad. When using TrackPoint, you don’t have to move your hand away from the keyboard to move the mouse pointer. This makes TrackPoint very convenient for all users who write a lot, especially for writers and software developers.


Which ThinkPad Laptop to Choose?

If you visit any computer hardware vendor’s website, like CheapPC.com, you’ll come across quite a few different ThinkPad models. Which one do you choose? Buying new or refurbished? Why you should consider buying a refurbished laptop, we already wrote in this post. In short: Low price and similar performance, Quality guaranteed with 1 year warranty, All machines are strictly tested before sale…

Among the laptops available on CheapPC.com, the Lenovo ThinkPad L560 laptop model will be the most attractive to many. It’s a high-quality refurbished laptop, which means it’s a top-of-the-line device and looks the closest to the new product. It is powered by an economical and powerful Intel i5-6300U dual-core processor, which has a clock speed of up to 3.0GHz on demand. It is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and an SSD disk with 240 GB of available space.

You’ll perform work and everyday tasks on a 15.6″ (39.6cm) high-resolution anti-glare screen. You will also have quite a few connectors available for connecting additional devices or monitors: 3x USB 3.0, 1x VGA, 1x Mini DisplayPort, card reader, Bluetooth support and more.

For more information about the Lenovo ThinkPad L560 laptop, go to www.PoceniPC.com.

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