With arrangement for more space

How do we arrange all the brushes, tubes, and sprays that accumulate in our bathroom?

One possible solution is bathroom equipment, which is the function of the cabinet – free-standing or wall-mounted, thus saving storage space in the bathroom. But the magic solution in creating storage space in the bathroom is no longer equipment, but more structure. It’s not too complicated: By eliminating clutter from your bathroom cabinet and taking advantage of options that allow you to get organized, you can make better use of the storage space you already have.

Get organized with the help of drawers

Sink tanks are very suitable for this purpose, as they immediately solve two problems: they hide the siphon hose and the water supply, and at the same time create storage space under the sink. At best, they also have drawers in which you can practically store various tools and accessories.

With the organizing accessory, the cabinet under the sink is more useful and easier to adjust.

Quality pays off

The drawers are available in different models and have different qualities. They must be installed on high quality manufactured guides. This ensures that the drawers can open and close evenly and securely without distracting their contents. Some drawers have fully retractable guides, which means they can be opened fully.

Fluid and noise free

Geberit Acanto mirror cabinet with innovative features.

The soft closing mechanism is an additional feature found in modern bathroom equipment. The tray closes by itself with a slight push. The soft closing mechanism eliminates two inconveniences for users: the drawer does not make noise during closing, and the opening and closing are slowed down, leaving the contents of the drawer in place.

modular storage system

With the help of modular storage space and drawer organizers, the sink cabinet can be made more diverse, tidy and improved. Elegant Geberit Acanto bathroom furniture offers plenty of storage space even in small bathrooms, perfect for bathrooms with small floor plans.

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