Everything you need to know about rainwater…

Long droughts are increasing and today there are still rare calls for limited (drinking) water consumption that inadvertently force us to think about the future of water management. Drinking and waste water.

Owners of single- and multi-apartment homes are better off. In the past decade, drinking water has become much more expensive than oil. These are well known facts.

Pampering the garden and home with rainwater

The decision to collect and use rainwater contributes to savings due to the lower water bill on the bill. We can also save up to 50% on the cost of drinking water if we water our vegetable garden and decorations with rainwater, wash our steel horses with it and use it in toilets. Soft rainwater can also be used to wash clothes and provide both detergent and fabric softener. In addition to saving, when using rainwater, it must also be taken into account that the plants and beneficial microorganisms in the soil are “happier” because we do not irrigate them with chlorine, and people do something beneficial for their health with this manual task.

The average family consumes 13-15 cubic meters of water per month in the house, so they will need a rainwater collector with a capacity of 6-10 cubic meters for all of the above. Thus, it will reach an approximate reserve of 30 days in case of periods of drought without precipitation.

Buying cheap is not always a good buy

Choosing a treatment plant is not easy, especially if we take into account a number of criteria, such as reliability of operation without unpleasant surprises, long service life and desirable low operating and maintenance costs.

An important rule to keep in mind is that small sewage treatment plants are purchased from specialized companies that have been on the market for a long time and have relevant experience. A connoisseur of wastewater treatment plants will boast verifiable recommendations, offer quality advice, and have a maintenance service.

One such company is Armex Armature from Ivančna Gorica with more than 30 years of experience designing and installing treatment plants. You can read more useful information about their offer on their website cistilnenaprave-dezevnica.si.

We also advise you to check before final construction work in the yard if the installation of an oil and grease trap has already been specified for your area. Armex from Ivančna Gorica can advise and also provide you with advice.

Consulting and buying from such a specialized company is a guarantee that you will get an efficient, technologically perfect and affordable device that you will only buy once in your life. Should there be any problems, they will be available to help and service. Buying cheap may seem like a good option at first, but it often turns out that buying cheap is not always a good buy.

Why do good treatment plants have advanced controls built in?

Modern treatment plants are controlled by an advanced monitoring system (computer reading) that manages the various operating modes for best results, reports alarms in case of problems and allows special settings, such as the working program for the period when you are on vacation. All operating stages are optimized for best cleaning results, and the PCs also allow manually adjustable operating modes under high or low loads. The German company Graf’s computers, which the company also installs in its innovative and reliable cleaning machines, which have no moving and electrical parts in the tank, are future ready today.

As in some more developed western and northern countries, mandatory additional stages of wastewater treatment may be legalized in the future, such as denitrification, dephosphate and hygiene. These requirements will result in additional costly upgrades to existing treatment plants and the replacement of existing legacy treatment plants that cannot be upgraded. The graph is ready for that. (Public relations)

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