Bit2Me enters the metaverse along with OVR with…

Bit2Me will deposit 150,000 units of B2M, its utility token, into the metaverse of OVR, the leading augmented reality platform that has created a virtual replica of the entire planet. The game is limited to residents of the European Union and those with European citizenship

Bit2MeAnd the The Spanish company that develops B2M tokens and the first company registered with the Bank of Spain as a provider of virtual currency services, has launched its first action in the metaverse thanks to OVR, creator of a virtual replica of the planet. this company Simplifies the use of the metaverse to a mobile phone connected to the Internet, toAlthough it also allows access through augmented reality (AR) glasses.

This way, users of the OVR metaverse will be able to search in the real world, using their mobile phone, up to 150,000 units of B2M utility tokens, in true Pokémon GO style.

During the search, a ranking will be generated where the top ten participants who find the most treasures will receive a fixed reward of $500 in B2M, in addition to all those who previously found. You can participate in game Anyone with European citizenship and resident in the European Union. It is already active and will expire on March 24th.

As the most active NFT community in the metaverse, OVR broke the record for creating over 778,000 NFTs in less than six days. OVR is the metaverse platform with the largest community of digital landowners (27,500 owners), surpassing platforms like Decentraland or Sandbox.

about Koh Onozawa, CEO of B2M, “The agreement with OVR reflects Bit2Me’s commitment to developing the metaverse and Web 3.0. At Bit2Me, we want to contribute to the development of a decentralized digital world, where the user is the center of everything that happens in this parallel universe.”

About Bit2Me

Bit2Me is a leading company in the cryptocurrency sector in our country and is recognized by the Bank of Spain as a provider of virtual currency services. Its suite of services includes more than 20 solutions to buy, sell and manage virtual currencies and euros from the same place in a simple and secure way. It has private, professional and corporate clients in more than 100 countries. In 2021, its transaction volume amounted to more than 1,100 million euros, almost 10 times the sum of previous years.

Bit2Me launched an ICO at the end of September 2021 through B2M, its utility token, which managed to raise 17.5 million euros in less than three minutes. Record size and acquisition time. To this must be added the 2.5 million raised in a previous private round (which comes to a total of 20 million euros). Starting from November 1, B2M tokens can be purchased from Bit2Me. Holders of the required balance of B2M tokens will enjoy a bonus of up to 90% on transactions in the Bit2Me wallet, among many other benefits and exclusive features in Bit2Me Suite services.

Bit2Me was founded by Leif Ferreira, the platform’s current CEO, and Andrei Manuel, co-founder and COO. It currently has 160 employees, including highly specialized profiles such as Zeeshan Feroz, who was the head of all Coinbase operations outside the US; Rodolfo Carpenter, entrepreneur and major Internet personality in Spain, as well as an investor in Tuenti and BuyVIP, two companies acquired by Telefónica and Amazon; Pablo Casadio, an investor with more than 20 years of multinational experience in various areas of FPA and BD for the Otis Group, FSO at E&Y and Capital Markets at PWC; and Koh Onozawa, Entrepreneur and Director at Docuten.

One of Bit2Me’s first initiatives after its birth was the creation of the Bit2Me Academy, which managed to train 3 million students last year. It is currently the largest Spanish-language cryptocurrency training portal, with over 400 free articles, certified training courses and videos for those interested in learning about the birth, operation, and evolution of cryptocurrencies and the world of blockchain.

About the total

OVR is the first augmented reality platform powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. It allows its users to have a peek into the latest augmented reality technologies where they can connect through the use of the latest technologies, including NFTs, tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

They also made history by developing the first detailed 3D map of the real world based on NFT, divided into 1.6 billion hexagons – with specific coordinates and a unique name – covering the entire planet and for sale and subsequent trade or lease.

Today, OVR is the Metaverse platform with the largest community of owners, much larger than Metaverse leaders like Decentraland and Sandbox.

OVR allows users with a mobile device or smart glasses to experience personalized augmented reality interactive experiences in the real world. Aggregate can be defined as a new augmented reality standard in which geo-experiences are based on a user’s geographic location.


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