Elden Ring: Requiring…

The Dark Souls series is really a phenomenon. From humble beginnings in the PlayStation 3’s Demon’s Souls region thirteen years ago, when it was only known to fans of dark and challenging RPGs, it’s arrived at the open world they want to play through three major series and two successful variants, Bloodborn and Ax. All, though few will finish it. Elden Ring, whose world and story helped shape and articulate George R.R. Martin, is, predictably, relentlessly demanding and ambiguous. Unlike modern games of this type, it explains almost nothing to you and gives you less instructions about where to go and what to do. Its vast fantasy world, which ranges from beautiful and serene fields to maniacal battlefields and black dungeons, is invitingly and excitingly open. But there are enemies everywhere who are able to kill you with one hit. FromSoftware Japan expects you to take your time and have enough will and intelligence to meticulously understand the woven environment, constantly strengthening the character and coming back again and again after defeats, which of course does not decrease, until the challenge is completed. This was often an issue in Dark Souls, where you didn’t have a lot of paths open in front of you if you got stuck somewhere. However, in Elden Ring there are a lot of research and combat activities side by side (don’t expect puzzles) and opportunities to develop a warrior, so the gameplay is much more fluid and fluid. Good thing, because bosses in particular, from a gigantic dragon to a knight partially transformed into a tree, to the offspring of a sick imagination, turn you to dust and ashes every hour if you don’t handle them properly. and how is that? Depending on where you are and what you have accumulated.

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