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Today, it is not easy (and remains) to be anonymous on the Internet. Here’s a tip on how to stay hidden in email, too.

How do I set up an anonymous confidential email address that doesn’t have any obvious links to you without having to set up my own servers?

Anyone can do this with an email like Gmail, using a browser extension like Mailvelope. GnuPG (Privacy Guard) or EnigMail are essential for desktop email clients.

On the other hand, ProtonMail promises end-to-end encryption with zero data access, and it also has iOS and Android apps.

However, these tools do not necessarily hide who sent the message. Only secure email services can.

With Google, you can create a relatively anonymous Gmail account, provided you don’t tell Google your real name, location, date of birth, or anything else the search giant asks when you sign in (of course, while using the VPN and Tor browser).

Ultimately, you will need to provide Google with some other means of identification, such as a third-party email address or phone number, so this method is not recommended.

It is best to use services such as Guerrilla Mail,, AnonAddy or MailDrop. But you can also use Germany-based Tutanota, a service so secure that it even encrypts topics and contacts.

The free package for private use includes 1 GB of storage, but you can upgrade it for 12 to 60 euros per year, depending on your needs. Premium features include aliases, mailbox rules, support, more storage, custom domains, logos, and more. Use is limited to the Tutanot domain. An additional advantage is the availability of Android and iOS applications.

For a truly temporary and anonymous service, you can use Temp Mail.

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