More than just a smart home – Frogblue does…

At one point, we were wrongly convinced that smart homes desperately needed complex solutions and hours and hours of user familiarization with new technology. Today, available solutions prove the opposite.

Today, smart homes can be equipped with simple and effective solutions, whether it is socket management, lighting, heating, shading, alarm system or access control. With the revolutionary, simple and affordable Frogblue solution, you can control functions for greater convenience, security and economy via any key or smartphone. how?

Smart frogs that control everything

Frogblue is a decentralized system based on individual smart modules. Frogs are smart modules that we install for hidden switches or cases. They are hidden from the eye and do not spoil the appearance of space, and in the background they perform a number of functions for you. You can add frogs at any time, and their number is practically unlimited.

What else can the Frogblue system do? It can be turned on, off, dimmed, measured the temperature or humidity in the air, opened doors, controlled heating, ventilation and blinds, and responded to buttons and switches. In addition to the various sensors, the system also has timing functions that allow virtually automating blinds, heating, lighting and other electrical appliances. Everything is based on wireless technology that exchanges and synchronizes commands.

Frogblue is a safe system

The Frogblue system is easy to install and requires no control cabinet, no additional space in the electrical cabinet, or additional communication cables. It is free from high maintenance and IT facilities. You can also save on configuration and installation costs, whether it’s new construction or installation into existing electrical installations. In the end, it offers everything that a smart home or smart apartment can offer.

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