Nvidia victim of hacker attack – …

Hackers have invaded Nvidia, the largest maker of graphics processors in the world. They are now demanding a large ransom for this information.

According to a research group from Washington, the hitherto unknown “participants” may help the company’s competition in China.

Last week, Nvidia was the target of a hacker attack. A cybercrime group named “$Lapsus” has exposed the company’s passwords, schemas, drivers and firmware, and is now threatening to release more information to the public if their demands are not met. These include removing restrictions on cryptocurrency mining on graphics cards and “unlocking” drivers, according to ArsTechnica.

The company said it became aware of the cyber attack on February 23, 2022. “Shortly after the incident was discovered, we also secured our network, employed experts to respond to cybersecurity incidents, and reported it to law enforcement,” an Nvidia spokesperson said. via email to EE Times.

“We have no evidence that extortion software is installed in our system or that it is linked to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine,” they added. “The representative(s) took the employee’s credentials and some company ownership information from our systems and then started sharing them freely on the World Wide Web.”

The company said that they are currently working on analyzing the information that was disclosed, but due to the incident, they do not expect disruptions to business or the ability to provide services to customers.

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