The cheap iPhone SE 2022 is faster…

Apple recently revealed the highly anticipated iPhone SE 2022 smartphone as part of a recent event. However, it is undoubtedly a very interesting device. Especially for those who need a compact but powerful phone and support for 5G mobile networks. There’s even a physical Touch ID button for nostalgia here.

The powerful software of the iPhone SE 2022 smartphone is powered by the powerful A15 Bionic processor from Apple. Therefore, it is not surprising that the novelty is very strong, as the new iPhone 13 is also equipped with an A15 Bionic processor, and the innovative performance measurements with the Geekbench benchmarking program have shown that the new iPhone SE is 2022 and 4021 points. Similar results were achieved by the iPhone 13, which are 1672 points in single-core and 4481 points in multi-core mode.

The most interesting thing is that the affordable iPhone SE 2022 (529 euros for the entry level version) is more powerful compared to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphone. The latter scored only 1232 points in single-core mode and 3433 points in multi-core mode in the benchmarking program Geekbench. The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with a first-generation Snapdragon 8 processor and of course runs a custom Android operating system.

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