What are the best televisions? …

Although they look very similar, there are significant differences between them. What is the best display technology and why?

Buying a TV in 2022 is still very stressful. TV manufacturers use many terms like HDR, Ultra HD 4K, HDMI 2.1, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision, making it very difficult for users to decide what they need and what is worth their money. I recently came across the two most common terms – QLED and OLED TVs. Although the difference is in only one letter, the two techniques are completely different.

If you are also confused by all these TV terms, we will help you understand their meaning below.


LCD is the designation for “liquid crystal display”. It is a flat screen technology commonly used in smart TVs and computer monitors. They are the successors to CRT monitors, with which many generations have spent their childhood. It has also replaced plasma screens, which were among the most popular screens of the past decade. LCD technology is slowly aging with the advent of LED and OLED displays. However, better technology is just one of the reasons LCD screens fail. The latter emits blue light, which affects vision and general well-being. After prolonged use, individuals may experience slightly blurred vision, headache, and tired eyes. Although LED is only an upgrade to LCD screens, it has some advantages that make it one of the most widely used technologies on the market.

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