What is the biggest inconvenience…

At the top of the list is definitely bad air with a musty smell that greets you after every working day or longer vacation.

If you regularly encounter unpleasant air, then there is a good chance that eternal hidden enemies, dampness and mold are also present in your home. What is the easiest way to find out? Moisture meters will quickly alert you to whether your apartment is the ideal environment for mold to appear. If this is the case and regular ventilation with an open window is not sufficient in your case, you have two solutions:

  • Dehumidify regularly and protect wall surfaces: Not a recommended solution, as mold will return very quickly and you will be trapped in an endless cycle.
  • Install a ventilation system: the only logical solution if you want to win the battle against moisture and mold.

In an ideal world, you would spend most of your time outside and fill your body with fresh air. Since this is not the case and we spend most of our time in the office or at home, it is important to fill the rooms with fresh air. Therefore, having a good ventilation system is critical. The recuperator, which reduces energy losses with the built-in thermal complex, and at the same time automatically takes care of fresh and clean air, takes care of the finishing touch.

Which one do you choose? In Klemavet you will find one of the best domestic ventilation systems from the famous German company SEVentilation. They are distinguished by reliability (3 years from the factory and an additional 1 year Klemavet guarantee) and efficiency, as a result of which they are included in the list of the Slovenian eco-fund, which returns you 20% of the investment amount.

How do SEV local retrievers work?

SEVi local ventilation systems consist of a ceramic heat accumulator, moisture sensor, insulation, an external protective metal mask (white or gray) and an internal protective mask with an internal filter that prevents the ingress of external odors, dust particles, moisture and similar harmful substances.

Warm air passing through the recuperator fills the thermal collector with thermal energy during flight. In the opposite direction comes the fresh outside air filled with heat before entering the room. Thus, only fresh, filtered and hot air enters the building, which means that energy loss is minimal.

What distinguishes SEVi domestic recovery devices from other similar devices is the possibility of independent service or filter replacement. All you have to do is remove the inner cap, pull the recovery device out of the hose, open the protective or insulating cap, and wash the ceramic (heat buildup) in the dishwasher or under running water. Then simply assemble the recuperator, insert it back into the tube, and install the inner cap where the G3 particulate filter is located. Instead of expensive professional services, you will only have to deal with the minimum cost of changing the filter once a year.

Since the SEVi160 recovery device is known for its reliable operation, you have an additional 3 years factory warranty and 1 year, which you rent from Klemavet.

Sound insulation muffles all external sounds, which will not disturb you during your free time. The operation of the SEVi domestic recuperator is also not turbulent, it has the quietest operation of 17 m3 / h. Recovery devices can be organized with a console wired to the recovery devices, or another option is wireless connection to the SEC-RC console, which communicates with the recovery devices over a secure radio frequency, meaning that it does not depend on the Internet at home or frequent Wi-Fi connections.

What will you say goodbye?

In most cases, indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. The SEVi Local Recovery Device will help prevent the buildup of pollutants, bacteria, moisture and odors. You will also put an end to the condensation that causes mold and surfaces to rot, and therefore the additional cost of repairing damage. You will also avoid the development of health issues such as allergies and respiratory problems.

If you spend more time indoors every day with a large number of people, you have surely noticed how quickly a room can heat up and how much it takes to make the air unbearable. An airy space will be instantly more comfortable, which means a more relaxing environment for you and your co-workers.

For more information and benefits for local SEVi recoverers, visit the website www.klemavet.si or simply call them at 0701111999.

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