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We have decided to bring you 5 new mobile apps and games every week, with which we will make sure that you are as up-to-date as possible in the field of Android software development. This time we chose three games and two apps.

NJPW Strong Souls


NJPW Strong Spirits is a new wrestling game in Japan. The game is based on unique assumptions. You fight with characters as in all other wrestling games. The special feature of this game is that it includes live video. It is basically a turn-based game in which you choose the moves. Then it shows a real video of the actual wrestlers performing the moves and some elements of the game.

This is definitely one of those games where viewing is more fun than playing, but you have definitely not played such a game before. The game is free, but definitely not worth the attention.

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Price: Free / $10.99

EasyCanvas turns your tablet into a digitizer to create animations that are then used in other applications. An example of usage is to connect a tablet to a computer with this app and then use a tablet to draw in Photoshop. Private drawing boards can cost quite a bit of money, right? Therefore, devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab have built-in support for different pressure levels, palm rejection and other similar features. This application helps you to use them to create art. This is a newer app, but it seems to work very well.

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mini basketball


Mini Basketball is an arcade basketball game. You play as a team manager, assemble your dream team and compete with different opponents. Most of the game focuses on assembling, upgrading and customizing the team. The good thing about the game is that you can actually play basketball. Touch control is very simple but effective. You can move, throw to the basket, pass and defend. There is also a sprint button that allows for short-term acceleration.

This game is free to play, but unfortunately there is a possibility to buy a good team. However, since the game must actually be played, at least some skills are required to win matches.

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Alpha KWGT

Price: $0.49

Alpha KWGT screenshot 2022

Alpha KWGT is a themed package for KWGT users. The app includes 45 widgets and more than 50 wallpapers. There are many home screen settings available which can look very elegant. It uses a minimalist style with clean colors and simple building blocks to make an impact. The app costs $0.49. You also need to have KWGT installed, otherwise none of this will work.

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Phobia is a card game. You collect cards with characters representing common fears. With these cards, you can compete with opponents and win battles. More than 120 phobias have been provided since the beginning. Singles mode, online PvP, and private clashes with friends are also available.

The animation and graphics look very good, but the game requires you to pay a lot for tickets. If you play long enough, you can train them, but you still don’t feel satisfied because you can buy a track for better combos if you want to. Hopefully Smoking Gun Interactive will balance this out a bit before it gets out of hand.

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