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The perfect combination of studies – online + lectures and lessons.

Computing and computer technologies touch our lives at nearly every turn. All new technical discoveries, new knowledge and economics are based on informatics. Today, it is no longer possible to imagine life without information technology.

Digitization, automation and robotics are changing the jobs of the future. If employees want to remain competitive in the labor market, they will need to expand their skills and complement their competencies. Understanding the different dimensions of computing and informatics is certainly part of the skills required in the twenty-first century. Whether you want to develop new applications, create websites or, in addition to your business, just have a good understanding of the background of computer-aided information systems, studying Informatics will bring you all this useful knowledge.

Computer Engineers Wanted After Staff. According to the Computing Machinery Association, computer work is among the highest paid, and employees have the greatest job satisfaction.

Whether you are already working in the computing world and hiring in this field is already your source of income, or you just want to delve into this world in more depth, continuing education is crucial.

Diane Falehwho is a DOBA Professional College Lecturer in Informatics Program, agrees that the importance of contents in the field and lifelong learning are essential: »We all know that informatics is the science where change is the biggest constant. Above all, technology is constantly changing. The perception of information technology is a real phenomenon, and above all, it is already changing the thinking and lives of new generations of people as well as students. During this period, it is essential to be able to extract that information and events that contribute to a better future. For computer engineers, education never stops.”

How and where do you get an education?

Taken at Doba for 15 years, the Post-Secondary Informatics Program is designed to gain and advance your knowledge in just two years. It is suitable for those who want to deepen their knowledge and especially obtain a certificate, as well as for those who want to enter the world of information technology.

With the comprehensive support they provide you at Doba, your studies will truly focus on your personal and professional development. The program is intended for everyone who is faced with technology and wants to upgrade their computer skills. In just two years, you will increase your educational level, improve your career prospects, and with useful knowledge of engineering value, you will be a useful and in-demand employee.

Practical knowledge is important

Today, it is important to be able to immediately apply the knowledge gained. This is why Duba Vocational College places great emphasis on practical exercises. During your studies, you are actively mentored by lecturers and mentors who are not only theorists, but experts in the field they teach. You will have the opportunity to meet other renowned experts who will join you as guest lecturers.


The study program will be implemented partly in the form of exercises on the college premises in Maribor and partly 100% online. Whether the topics will be online or at the school premises, you will always have someone to help you. During your studies, you will be accompanied by lecturers, online mentors and a consultant, and you will also have a professional department assistant and a computer scientist.

For more information, visit the DOBA Vocational College website www.doba.si as soon as possible, as you should not miss out on the special benefits of registering until March 18. (Public relations)

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