How much did Apple earn from…

If you have been following the news in the mobile field, you are certainly aware that Apple has been selling iPhones without a charger since September 2020. These include the newer iPhone 13 smartphones and older iPhones that are still in production. It is said that Apple chose this approach mainly because it wanted to become more environmentally friendly, since many modern smartphone users already have a suitable charger.

By removing the charger, Apple was able to reduce the package size by up to 70 percent. This means that it has so far been able to reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions by up to two million tons. This equates to 450 million fewer cars on the roads worldwide. Experts agree that Apple has done a lot for the environment.

Because Apple was able to reduce iPhone smartphone packaging volume by up to 70 percent, it also saved a lot of money when getting it to stores and end customers. Apple has sold a total of about 190 million iPhone smartphones since September 2020. Experts estimate that the computer giant has allocated an additional six billion euros to this account. In addition, it earned an additional €270 million from separate charger sales. Great business strategy, nothing!

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