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Due to the mandatory wearing of masks, the demand for protective masks has increased dramatically. Although a protective mask reduces the risks associated with infection with Covid-19, some people avoid it for one reason or another. Also because by wearing the mask, at least until now, it was not possible to activate the iPhone smartphone. The new iOS 15.4 changes that for the better.

The new iOS 15.4 mobile operating system is already equipped with an advanced feature that recognizes the owner of the phone even if he or she is wearing a protective mask. To activate this option, the face must be “scanned” again with the Face ID system to capture the area around the eyes in more detail. Unfortunately, the new option is limited to owners of the latest iPhone 12 and 13 smartphones.

The latest version of iOS 15.4 for mobile phones brings a host of other innovations in addition to facial recognition using a mask. Among the most interesting is the possibility of “turning” the iPhone into a device for accepting digital payments with cards or NFC (Tap to Pay). This is currently limited to the US market. Here we find 40 new icons and a new voice for the virtual assistant Siri.

The new mobile operating system iOS 15.4 is expected to be available via an OTA (over the air) upgrade system, and will be available to all users of the latest Apple mobile devices. The device itself will inform us about the availability of the upgrade, and before performing the upgrade, the battery must be charged at least 20 percent or connected to a charger, otherwise it will not be possible to install the update. You can also check if new features are available by clicking on Settings, Normal, and Software Update. We are sure that you will definitely be impressed with the newcomer.

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