Netflix raises monthly subscriptions…

As Netflix plans to invest a bit more money into producing its own movies in the near future, the prices of subscription packages have gone up. The increase was first paid to Americans, but now it has hit users on European soil. The price increase has already reached the British and Irish, and sooner or later the price increase will also come for Slovenian users.

This time, all subscription packages, which are Base, Standard and Premium, received a price increase. The monthly subscription to the basic package has been increased from 7.99 euros to 8.99 euros. For the standard package, 12.99 euros should be deducted, while so far its price has been set at 15.99 euros. For the highest package of Netflix Premium services, 17.99 euros must be deducted, which, of course, is not cheap. The price increase is expected to reach Slovenian users soon, and users will be notified via email.

Note that an access subscription allows you to use the Netflix services on one screen at a lower resolution and the ability to transfer videos to a single phone or tablet. Netflix’s most advanced standard package delivers high definition content on two screens simultaneously. The Premium option provides users with Ultra HD resolution and the ability to play on four screens simultaneously. In addition, it allows you to transfer content to up to four mobile devices, which is ideal for many families.

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