On Facebook, they have to wash up…

Facebook and Meta have informed employees that they will no longer receive free services, and meals will be postponed.

Luxurious benefits may be a thing of the past for Meta employees, who will have to take care of their dirty laundry due to financial constraints, and dinner time will be delayed (or shortened).

Facebook’s parent company has told its employees that it will cut a variety of benefits, including free laundry, dry cleaning and maid service, and has pushed back a daily free dinner by half an hour from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., the New York Times first reported. .

Delayed dinners mean that fewer employees will be able to eat on campus as the company’s last bus leaves the office at 6pm. As a result, employees will now have to choose between a free meal or a free trip home. It will also make it more difficult for employees to stock up on free food to bring home as leftovers.

In an email to the protocol website, which also confirms the changes, a spokeswoman for Tracy Clayton said: “Our culinary services are basically a relief on the spot for people while working in the office…We want the food served to try and meet that need, while people might be working to late.”

The notice has been sent to employees only now that many Meta employees are expected to return to the office (March 28), although they are still called to work from home.

Some have questioned whether Meta plans to reward employees in other ways and whether the company has conducted an employee survey to determine how the new changes will affect the workforce.

In response to the changes, the company said it will therefore increase its own income for the health of its employees from $700 to $3,000 this year. The current “bursary” covers costs related to physical or mental health, financial planning, and care for children, the elderly, and pets.

“I can honestly say that when our peers stuff three to ten boxes full of steaks they take home, nobody cares about our culture,” the employee wrote.

Also interesting is the fact that Meta shares fell 26.4% in a single day in February, one of the largest single-day losses in the history of the US company. The fall reduced Zuckerberg’s personal fortune by about $30 billion.

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