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The Yale brand recently surprised with a new smart lock from Linus®. Traditional keys have been replaced with software that takes care of security and simplifies your life.

With the new Linus® Smart Lock, you can lock or unlock the door remotely. It’s powered by advanced software and an easy-to-use Yale Access mobile app that allows keyless entry. Smart technology allows you to control access and departure and assign virtual keys to visitors. The end is worrying about whether you closed the door or left it open. You can easily check the status of your home via the Yale Access app.

It stands out among the smart locks for its clever design made of high-quality materials, for which it has received many awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Awards, European Design Awards, iF Awards, Plus X and The Ambient Awards. The Linus® smart lock is the best starting point for the sleek and stylish home of the future.

Smart lock for smart home

The Linus® smart lock justifies its reputation and has won awards with several advanced solutions. With the auto-lock function, you can set the door to close immediately after you leave or after a certain time has elapsed. When you come home, the lock will recognize you and open the door automatically (geo-fence). No more searching in your pockets and finding the right key.

You definitely never have to worry about whether you’ve locked the door before you leave for work. From now on, you don’t have to worry, because the smart lock takes care of that. If you’re still worried, you can check the status of the door at any time via the Yale Access app. For added convenience, DoorSense technology is available to let you know if the door is closed or left closed.

With over 180 years of experience, Yale understands the importance of safety, so its machines have the latest safety standards. Linus therefore uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 128-bit AES security, and TLS encryption, which banks use to protect personal data. If you lose your phone, you can turn off the app and virtual keys at any time. Your user account is protected by two-factor authentication, which means that the system verifies your identity with a password and verification code that you receive in an email or via SMS.

KAllowed by Yale asises?

With the intuitive Yale Access mobile app, you can access and control your Smart Lock at the touch of a button on your smartphone. All you have to do is connect together via the Yale Connect Wi-Fi interface so you can share access with visitors, monitor your door activity and status, receive notifications and open or lock the door remotely. Shared connectivity also allows integration with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, as well as popular property rental platforms, AirBnb, and Operto. Linus® is part of an advanced ecosystem that can connect to other Yale devices, from smart lockers and locker locks to smart alarms.

The Linus® Lock expands the functionality of your smartphone or Apple smartwatch, which now also performs the function of a key. Did you forget your phone? Enter the PIN code on the numeric keypad and unlock it with one touch. Due to its outstanding user experience, Linus® stood out among hundreds of nominees and was nominated for the UX Design Award 2020.

Together with an extensive network of partners, Yale and Linus® have the opportunity to expand their horizons and offer new options in delivery, short-term rental and services such as cleaning or babysitting, simplifying your already busy schedules.

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