Telekom Slovenije lowered prices …

In its special offer, Telekom Slovenije has reduced the prices of the popular Naj mobile packages, which include up to 800 GB of data transfer, which subscribers can share with loved ones for free, 5G service and, of course, unlimited calls and messages. All packages should be available until April 30 at a single price of 16.99 euros per month, but if subscribers connect a mobile package on the same account with a fixed package, the monthly subscription is only 11.99 euros. This applies to all Naj packages, existing and new subscribers, private and business users.

For only €11.99 per month, subscribers with the Naj 5G package can receive 800 GB of data transmission in the largest and most reliable Slovenian mobile network, high-speed 5G Internet at 450/100 Mbit/s and nearly 20 GB of data transmission in EU countries Customs tariff.

Monthly subscription to the Naj C package, which in the regular offer is €24.99 and includes up to four more numbers and 500 GB of data transfer (of which more than 16 GB are in the EU tariff), 8 oz less. 13 euros. The price of the Naj B package, which includes up to 200GB of data transfer, has also been significantly reduced.

Telekom Slovenije annually allocates more than 100 million euros to the upgrade, expansion and development of the network and ICT infrastructure. Therefore, it operates the largest and most modern optical network in the country – more than 411,000 or more than half of households in Slovenia – and the largest and most reliable mobile network. With 5G technology, which was first made available to Slovenian users in October 2020, it already covers more than 39 percent of the population.

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