YouTube also sharply against Russia

YouTube has started blocking all content related to Russian state media. More than 1,000 Russian channels have already been removed. Therefore, from now on, this video content provider is removing all content related to Russian state media, as they announced in their recent efforts to reduce misinformation and prioritize “reliable” news sources.

“Our Community Guidelines prohibit content that disapproves, downplays or downplays well-documented incidents of violence. We are now removing content related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in violation of this policy,” they wrote on Twitter. “To date, our teams have removed over 1,000 channels and more,” they wrote on Twitter. More than 15,000 videos of it violating not only our hate speech policy, but our policy on disinformation, visual content, and more.”

In March, YouTube announced that it would remove Russian channels RT and Sputnik, both state-funded news outlets, and suspend all advertisements and recommendations for all Russian-funded media channels.

The company also drew attention to Russia’s information flags, introduced in 2018, that appear below videos indicating when content is associated with government funding. Some videos say the project is “fully or partly funded by the Russian government”.

In the near future, the company aims to continue strengthening its systems and, if necessary, removing more Russian-sponsored content.

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