A healthy life begins with cleanliness…

When we think of our homes, the first thing many think of are smart devices, automation, and the like. But sometimes we forget the most important thing – health and the type of water to drink.

Water is essential to the existence of living things. No living creature can live without water. We often hear questions like, “How much water do you drink per day?” But it’s not just how much we drink that matters, but also the type of water we put in our bodies. Using special technologies and filters, we can also get clean water from the kitchen table at home, as if we had our own alpine spring.

What kind of water do we drink

The question of what kind of water we drink is very relevant. why? Water is a universal solvent. In recent decades, we humans have released more than 100,000 different pollutants into the environment, which almost always end up in the water. In its normal course of rotation, it dissolves many substances with which it comes into contact. In this way it becomes polluted when it passes through the earth’s crust.

Water analyzes show, among other things, that nearly all drinking water contains chlorine, the carcinogenic trimethane (THM), drug residues, hormones, pesticides, nitrates, and heavy metals. In addition, the water supply network in many places has become old and dilapidated, which can lead to additional complications or out-of-control infections and water pollution. All of the above is eloquent evidence that clean drinking water flowing from the tap is not a given.

However, there are solutions that ensure that we drink cleaner water. Filters through which the water becomes absolutely pure.

What do you need to filter the water in the kitchen?

The AquaMetix® 2 mcr Under-Desk Water Filter removes all listed contaminants from the water. The company assures you that you will be drinking better water than the best spring water for less than a cent per liter.

The filter housing is equipped with an effective filter cartridge from the famous American manufacturer Ceramic Filters Company, which contains activated carbon (carbon block) and Zeolite AquaMetix® 2 mcr, 9″. The product is NSF certified. Removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, ammonia, Odor and taste, carcinogenic trimethane (THM), drug residues, hormones, hormone disruptors, pesticides, nitrates, asbestos, cysts, heavy metals from water, lead, mercury, cadmium, nickel, chromium, aluminum, copper, zinc, arsenic, etc. The AquaMetix® 2 mcr water filter greatly improves the taste of water.

The filter is installed under the sink, and cold filtered water can be poured directly onto the existing faucet. Due to its small size, it can also be installed in confined spaces. To ensure that everything is in the best possible order, Henrik Homšak sp also offers professional installation.

A solution for an entire building, apartment or apartment house

The Triplex Pro Water Filter is a water filtration solution for the entire building, condominium or apartment. It is installed on the main water line, usually directly after the meter in the water meter column. Remove rust, sand, silt, mud, 5 micron particles, chlorine, bad odor, taste, carcinogens, pesticides, asbestos and heavy metals.

You can find more at www.vodni-filter.si.

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