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Have you ever thought of combining the internet at home with a mobile phone connection thus getting a very fast connection?

To combine two or more connections into one connection, you must have one adapter for each connection. Most computers already have two, two for Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port.

Start by connecting your computer to a modem or router using an Ethernet cable. Then connect to another network via Wi-Fi. If you connect by itself, your connection will not be faster.

You can connect to a third-party provider by connecting a portable data adapter to your computer via a dedicated USB modem. In fact, you can combine as many links as you want – again, provided each link is from a different provider.

To combine all these active connections into one, you need to use Speedify. This is a VPN app that allows you to mix any number of connections. You can use it for free, even if you are limited to 2GB per month. If you want unlimited access, you will need to subscribe to one of their packages.

Speedify is available for both computers (Windows and Mac) as well as smartphones (Android and iOS).

After the download is complete and the installation is successful, the Speedify app will be launched. After you agree to the terms and select the type of package, you will see the subscription page. You will need a free user account to use it, even if you stay on the free package. There can be up to 5 users on one subscription account at a time.

Then simply click on the “Connect” button and all the links will be combined into one.

If you don’t want a software solution, you can also buy what’s called a load balancing router. Its price starts around 80 euros.

You can also combine two physical Internet connections differently on Macs. However, you must have two 802.3ad-compliant Ethernet connections. This means that if you only have one, you need to buy an adapter or even two.

Once you have two active internet connections on your Mac, you can now set up pairing. Go to System Preferences and open the Network option. When the Network window opens, click the three-dotted action button next to the + and – icons at the bottom. Then select Manage Virtual Interfaces.

A new window will appear. This time click on the + icon in the lower left corner of the windows, then select “New Link Aggregate”. A third window will open showing your available Ethernet port. Check the boxes next to the links you want to use. Then add a name for the new link in the “Total Name” field.

Finally, click on Create and then Apply. Your Mac will then combine two Internet connections, giving you even more speed and reliability.

But don’t try to use the built-in Windows Automatic Counter option. Some sources say that with this interface, you seem to be fooling Widnows just to use multiple connections at the same time. In fact. This is not the case.

According to Microsoft, interface metrics are used to determine which connections should be preferred. While setting each ISP (setting to 15) means that all connections are equally preferred, this will not force the operating system to use them at the same time.

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