The new Mac Mini with…

At a recent Apple conference, we finally witnessed the evolution of Apple’s popular M1 family processor. The M1 Ultra actually combines the Silicon M1 Max processors. This one has twenty processor cores. 16 cores are for the most demanding tasks, and four are for saving electricity. Up to 64 graphics cores are available to convert graphic content. The new version is supposed to offer up to eight times the graphics performance compared to the M1 processor.

As it turns out, we’ll see Apple’s new M2 processor, which will be the logical successor to the Apple M1 processor, early next year. It was supposed to be the first device with a compact Mac Mini. This will be very similar in design to the current model.

Apple is expected to offer M2 processors from the M2 family for sale, namely the M2 and M2 Pro. The Apple M2 processor will be based on the Apple A15 mobile processor. This means that it will recompute data with 8 processor cores (4x Avalanche – performance; 4x Blizzard – power saving), for graphics content it will have 10 graphics cores. The Apple M2 Pro is also expected to be based on the Apple A15 mobile processor. It will be more powerful, as it should have 12 processors available for data conversion (8x Avalanche – capacity; 4x Blizzard – energy saving). It will have 10 graphics cores available for graphic content.

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