This is the end of YouTube Vanced

The popular app is known for its ad-free YouTube experience, along with other free features that are exclusive to YouTube Premium

What happened in the first place? The people behind the popular YouTube Vanced app said they are stopping the project for “legal reasons”. The decision followed Google’s letter of suspension and abandonment, forcing the platform to close, while halting any further development and distribution.

For now, existing Vanced users can continue to use the app as normal, until YouTube releases an update that will stop the app from working properly.

YouTube Vanced has been around for several years, and its popularity has grown as an alternative to Google’s official YouTube app as the latter has started to “embed” more and more feature-length ads and sponsored video sections. As with web browser extensions, Vanced has revived the “disturb” counter on mobile devices, a feature that YouTube controversially removed from the platform last November.

The app also gave users free access to YouTube Premium features, including background play and picture-in-picture mode, as well as added customizations and a dark theme.

“Vanced has been cancelled. Download links will be removed from the site in the coming days. We know this is not something you want to hear, but it is something we need to do. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years,” they wrote in their Twitter posts.

News of the shutdown was also posted on Reddit, with The Verge reporting that the owners of Project Vanced have received a closing letter from Google asking them to change the app’s logo and remove all references and links related to YouTube products.

Vanceda creators note that the current version of the app will continue to work, although it may one day be blocked by an official YouTube update. For now, Vanced is expected to run normally for another two years, after which it will become obsolete as YouTube and its technology continue to evolve.

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