TorGuard with BitTorrent blocker -…

Due to a lawsuit they received from as many as 27 different movie studios, they decided to ban the use of BitTorrent permanently.

TorGuard recently settled a lawsuit brought against it by a group of 27 movie studios in October last year, agreeing to block their customers from using BitTorrent through its VPN service.

BleepingComputer reports that according to a settlement filed on March 3 with the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, TorGuard says it will “use commercially reasonable efforts to block BitTorrent traffic on its servers in the United States using firewall technology.”

Here’s an interesting answer from the company, which says in a frequently asked article that its name “refers to ‘torrenting’ and privacy protection when using BitTorrent.”

The company also says it will “take immediate action to stop further piracy, such as blocking users and enabling a firewall to filter BitTorrent traffic” if and only if QuadraNet hosts notify it of the studio’s piracy complaint.

How long was the lawsuit? About $100 million.

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