Portable GameCube is finally…

Nintendo launched the very interesting GameCube game console at the end of 2001. This new feature was powered by the 485MHz IBM Gekko processor. In addition, the game console has 43 megabytes of available memory and supports displaying images with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels (480 pixels).

Nintendo suspended production of the GameCube two years later. It was mainly caused by the fact that the strong competition between Xbox and Playstation2 crippled GameCube sales. In addition, there has been a chronic lack of new and attractive games.

However, the retro gaming console Nintendo GameCube still has a lot of followers today. Among them we also find a computer enthusiast with the nickname GingerOfOz. This went even further, as it managed to make the first Nintendo GameCube portable game console. This novelty is actually based on fake photos of the console, which were recently posted on the World Wide Web and impressed many.

Although the task of converting a retro Nintendo GameCube console into a portable one was not easy, the end result impressed many. You can watch the incredible feat of enthusiasts under the nickname GingerOfOz in the video below or at https://youtu.be/ENEpJJPQomg. We are sure that the old Nintendo GameCube handheld game console will surely impress you.

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