Xiaomi Redmi 10c is cheap and high quality

The differences between smartphones are diminishing day by day. Some have larger or smaller screens, more memory space, and there are other specifications that help us distinguish them, but most phones on the market would be great for the average user. Sales of Xiaomi smartphones from the Redmi family are better due to the excellent price-performance ratio. The Redmi 10c will be no exception.

Xiaomi accidentally revealed the Redmi 10c smartphone. Let’s just hope that soon the new product will go on sale, as it will be one of the cheapest 4G smartphones, which will be able to support all kinds of tasks at the same time. Hardware innovations will include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 mobile processor, four GB of system memory, and an onboard memory capacity of 64 and 128 GB (respectively). A screen with a diameter of 17 cm or 6.71 inches will be available to display images. This will also be suitable for viewing more demanding content.

The Redmi 10c smartphone will also offer excellent photo taking and video conferencing. This will allow the main digital cameras to have a resolution of 50 megapixels. The new Redmi 10c phone is expected to go on sale soon. For the entry-level version of the novelty, a recalculated € 170 (4 GB / 64 GB) should be deducted, and for the more powerful (4 GB / 128 GB) a recalculated € 190.

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