2 New Bitcoin ATMs Arrive in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Bitcoin Jungle Community Project has announced the arrival of two Bitcoin ATMs (BTC ATMs) in the country. This is the first equipment to be installed in Bahía Ballina, in the province of Puntarenas, which has the most beautiful beaches in the South Pacific region.

Bitcoin Jungle founder Rich Scottford reports that one of the machines will be located in the beach town of Uvita, while the other will be in the town of Dominical, It attracts surfers from all over the world.

As seen in the picture subscriber On Twitter, Bitcoin ATMs were provided by General Bytes. Both are from the latest generation of BATMFour, and are distinguished by being bi-directional, ie, Offers users to buy and sell bitcoin with cash And immediately.

The South Pacific region of Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, jungles, beaches, and secluded mountains, which is why it is such a frequent destination for tourists. In this sense, Bitcoin Jungle is a project that has been promoting Bitcoin adoption in this region ever since It is the preferred payment system for many foreigners visiting the country.

So, along with the announcement of the arrival of two BTC ATMs, the Bitcoin Jungle team also released companies in the region Now they accept Bitcoin As a form of paymentIncluding a hotel and several restaurants.

In Dominica, Phat Noodle and Mono Congo restaurants receive payments in BTC, while at Uvita Tribu, Sibu Café and Mosaic Wine Bar, as well as Nativos and Bali Bosque hotels.

There is bitcoin fever in Costa Rica

Bitcoin adoption is increasing in Costa Rica, in fact, there are already entrepreneurs receiving BTC payments on the streets of Dominical, such as Know Twitter user.

Much further, in the city of Heredia, 10 kilometers from the country’s capital, There are plans To install a new Bitcoin ATMorganized meetings on the leading cryptocurrency and became the epicenter of the Bitcoin revolution in the central region of Costa Rica.

On the other hand, as CriptoNoticias reported last month, convenience store chain Delimart has installed the first of several Bitcoin ATMs it plans to place at some of its fifteen establishments, all located in the capital, San Jose.

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