5 Traders You Should Follow on Twitter to Learn about Bitcoin in Spanish

For those who are taking their first steps in trading Bitcoin (BTC) and cannot find material in Spanish, as well as for those who have already started but would like to know more, the advice of an experienced trader can serve as a guide when it comes to trading and making decisions. Precisely at a time when bitcoin has been in a prolonged correction, it is very useful for an investor to weigh the opinions of popular bitcoin traders in Spanish, and to compare these views with the already acquired knowledge and their expectations.

On both Twitter and YouTube, among other social networks, many traders share trading tips on bitcoin, ether and other cryptocurrencies with their Spanish-language followers. like that Comment on current issues that could have an impact on the market. Since last February 24, for example, the issue of the war in Europe and its impact on the price of bitcoin has been the subject of comments from these bitcoin traders in Spanish.

Below we present a selection of Spanish traders active on Twitter that can help you understand and learn more about the psychology of the Bitcoin market. Likewise, many of them also have YouTube channels and other online platforms where content is shared which will allow interested users to learn more about Bitcoin in Spanish.

Juan Rodriguez: @Janabetter

This Colombian bitcoin, one of the most followed bitcoin traders in Spain, has nearly 100,000 followers your account on Twitter and 210,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Rodríguez combines his tweets explaining bitcoin metrics with advice on investing in said cryptocurrency. For example, periodic reports on earnings accrued in a monthly investment plan of $50 in bitcoin, since August 2020.

Likewise, there are educational messages about bitcoin that are periodically broadcast on the juanbiter account. For example, when he highlights two groups of bitcoin users that stand out from the rest: investors and bitcoin customers. They “understand the qualities of bitcoin for better money and appreciate the separation of money and the state that allows it.”

Jaime Merino: TradingLatino

This Salvadoran bitcoin trader tells on his blog how he started working in the IT field in 2005. In 2014, he turned his career around when he discovered bitcoin. He studied trading applied to cryptocurrencies for two years and then started teaching online about these assets..

He often comments on the observed Bitcoin price movements on his site Twitter account, which has 113,000 followers. Likewise, he addresses the technical details of the market on his YouTube channel.

Eduardo Gavotti: eduardogavotti

Eduardo Gavotti is a Trader and Managing Partner at Gavotti SGP, a wealth management firm that advises individuals and families on investment strategies. On the other hand, Gavotti is responsible for the podcast Trading en Serio, along with Alberto Cárdenas. There the world of financial markets is approached from the perspective of a professional trader.

On your account From Twitter, Gavotti, like other traders, talks about Bitcoin and other markets as well Current topics such as inflation and the policies adopted by central banks. He also comments on news that may have a potential impact on the bitcoin price. Gavotti has 5,500 followers on Twitter.

David Battaglia: @dbattagliaytube

David Battaglia is a professional Bitcoin Trader and YouTuber. Express in your account From Twitter, with 77 thousand followers, firm support for Bitcoin, especially in the face of the current financial crisis. In a recent tweet, he said, “Never before in world history has paper currency and inflation been controlled in times of war. Impossible.”

Battaglia shows its Bitcoin position by using Community Terms (Like halving, holding, among others). His approach to economics is usually related to the optics of cryptocurrency. His YouTube channel is widely followed by Spanish-speaking Bitcoin traders, investors and enthusiasts.

Alberto Cardenas: @acardinasfx

Financial analyst and investment advisor in the stock markets and bitcoin, Cárdenas directs the Center for the Study of Financial Investment (CEIFpro). treats in your law Project from Twitter Topics related to trading, as well as opinions and observations on the current economic and political reality. This Spanish-language Bitcoin trader has 26,000 followers on Twitter.

As early as May 2021, he warned that major risk stocks would start to decline while a bubble was forming due to “the largest credit creation and stimulus in financial history.” This bubble occurred with the printing of money in 2020. In his tweets, Cardenas showed a critical attitude towards the economic and monetary policy of the United States. It also highlights that geopolitical conditions are not the cause of the financial crisis, but rather a catalyst for accelerating the process that was already underway.

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