Anker MagGo – A new era of charging…

Anker MagGo Accessories provide flexible charging solutions that are compatible with MagSafe.

A few months ago, Anker introduced its new line of MagSafe-compatible “MagGo” filler attachments. While it does not support full 15W charging, which is available with official MagSafe accessories and will be limited to “only” 7.5W, it does offer a variety of charging options for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. The big plus is that the devices can charge while It can still be used without difficulty.

Anker Magoo Ring Holder – Magnetic Phone Ring Holder

We’ll start with the simplest and cheapest price, which is not actually a shipping accessory. The magnetic phone holder uses the MagSafe magnets on the iPhone 12 or 13 (or compatible cover) to attach a metal ring to the back of the phone. Think of it as a magnetic “popsocket”, with a loop that can serve as a place to put your finger and help you hold the phone better, but can also act as a stand if you want to place the phone on a surface in a landscape orientation to watch video – eg.

The magnetic mount is not 100% secure, so you need to be careful when holding the phone. The metal ring folds inside the magnet so it doesn’t take up much space when not in use, and it’s simple enough to easily store in your pocket or bag. Otherwise, the stand will prevent your phone from being charged via MagSafe, so you’ll need to remove it for wireless charging or charging via a standard Lightning cable.

The Anker MagGo Ring Holder is available at €15.99

Magnetic powerbank Anchor MagGo 5000mAh

This add-on is similar to Apple’s MagSafe powerbank, which attaches directly to the back of a compatible iPhone. It’s slightly larger than Apple’s own powerbank, containing 5,000 mAh. Since power is lost when charging wirelessly, this is not enough to fully charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max, but you should be able to fully charge it for any of the smaller models.

What really sets the Anker battery apart is the built-in stand. It’s just a thin flap that adds almost no space for the battery, but folds into a triangle, like an iPad smart case, to prop your phone in portrait or landscape orientation. Although slim, the stand is quite stable, moving only minimally when the phone screen is pulled.

Anker MagSafe Magnetic Battery is available for €59.99

Anker 623 MagGo . Two-Stage Wireless Magnetic Tilt Charger

The stand has weights that keep things fairly stable, although the stand will only vibrate a bit if you pull the phone too hard. As a nice touch, it has a moving light ring around the bottom of the stand, which confirms when charging has been successful after placing the phone on the base. Imaginary, isn’t it?

The top fill plate is adjustable and when in an upright or vertical position. When open, the bottom reveals an additional 5W flat charging pad that you can use to charge your AirPods. It’s a compact unit as you might expect in terms of design, given that it needs enough weight to support a phone attached to the top. It comes with an Anker 20W PowerPort III Cube Adapter and a 1.5m color matching USB-C cable, so you’ll have everything you need in the box.

Anker Tilt Wireless Charger is €69.99

Anker MagGo Magnetic Wireless Charger With Portable Power Bank

The Magnetic Wireless Charger with Portable Powerbank is a flexible solution that offers the best of both worlds as a charging stand as well as a portable battery. The charging pad on this is actually a magnetic battery or. The 5000mAh power bank slides into the cradle on the stand so you can use it as a traditional stationary charger on a counter or nightstand, but when it’s time to leave, you can pull the phone up and the battery in the back still holds the phone via MagSafe magnets, charging it if needed.

The battery in the stand charges via a few contact pins, but it can also be charged directly via USB-C, so you can charge it when you’re not on the stand. While on the stand, you can adjust the angle of the phone thanks to the knob on the upper arm of the stand at the back.

Similar to the aforementioned desktop stand, the base of this stand gives a nice animated white glow when the phone is placed on the charger thus assuring you that it is charging successfully. The base also has a 5W charging pad that can charge your AirPods. A 25W PowerPort III adapter and USB-C cable are included in the box.

Anker MagGo Wireless Magnetic Charger with powerbank is available at €119.99

Anker MagGo Wireless Magnetic Car Charger

In addition to the four MagGo products presented above, there is also a magnetic wireless charger for your vehicle. It can be installed directly on the dashboard and has an adjustable arm for mounting.

Its price is 69.99 euros

The official representative and importer of ANKER is Elkotex doo

However, all the products are already available at all major online retailers.

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