Biggest order for flying taxis…

It would be great if we could avoid the long poles on the road. That may not be a distant future, at least if the plans of Ehang, who recently mastered the first drone or flying taxi to transport people, and recently struck a slick deal with Malaysian carrier Aerotree, come true.

Malaysian carrier Aerotree has ordered up to 60 flying taxis from China’s Ehang. It’s the largest single order for flying taxis to date. Aerotree has ordered a total of 50 EH216 flying taxis and 10 more advanced VT-30 aircraft ships. The latter is actually a hybrid between a helicopter and an aircraft, as it can take off vertically, and the wings of the aircraft provide it with long flights.

The electric half-flying VT-30 has an autonomy of 300 km, while the EH216 flying taxi has an autonomy of only 35 km. The maximum flight speed is 130 kilometers per hour, while it can fly up to 3000 meters in height. Flying taxis can carry up to two passengers at a time.

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