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Russia banned the use of Instagram, which led to the outbreak of the crisis with all influencers, small businesses and other users who were more or less dependent on this social network.

Russian influencers on Instagram, with tears in their eyes in their posts, asked followers to join them on other social networks. Meanwhile, the Russian authorities were preparing to shut down a US-owned social network. Russia’s communications organization Roskomnadzor officially banned the Instagram app on Friday, giving Russian users 48 hours to bid farewell to the popular app, forcing users to quit.

In announcing the move, the Russian regulator cited the decision of parent company Meta to allow posts on Instagram and Facebook calling for violence against Russians. And the American company made an exception in its policy of prohibiting the promotion of violence if the ads were a political expression against the incursion of Russian forces into Ukraine. Meta said calls for violence against ordinary Russians would continue to be banned.

The Russian government has decided to ban Instagram in Russia, preventing millions of people from contacting their loved ones and friends around the worldInstagram CEO said in a video response Adam Mosseri. “We know that more than 80 percent of people in Russia follow accounts outside Russia on Instagram. The situation is terrible and we are trying to do everything we can to ensure the safety of people“he added.

Source: The Washington Post

On the platform on Sunday after the Instagram ban, feelings erupted for the Russians, who were said to have lost thousands of dollars they earned to promote various products and reach the millions of followers they had accumulated over the years.

Russian Instagram influencers are desperate

I wrote “I’m crying and writing this post” Olga Buzovathe star of Russian reality shows, and added that she hopes that “this doesn’t really happen and that they will be able to stay on Instagram”.

Russian authorities blocked access to Facebook as early as March 4, alleging discrimination against Russian state media on the platform. This shut down one of the most popular platforms for expressing opinions and organizing demonstrations by Kremlin critics.

The Instagram ban is the latest example of Russian citizens being isolated from the rest of the world as a result of Moscow’s war against Ukraine.

Possibly the most isolated action possible

According to market data firm Statista, Instagram counted nearly 60 million users in Russia in 2021, which is about 40 percent of the country’s population. The platform is also a great source of income for users who earn money from sponsors by posting promotional content. It is unclear how many Russians will continue to access Instagram via VPNs or VPNs.

Instagram’s cancellation affects not only Russian influencers, who are admired by millions of followers for their designer clothes.

Hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses, from tattoo studios to auto repair shops, mourned the loss of the platform, which has long served as their primary sales tool. Russian charities that raise money via Instagram have also found themselves in a bind.

Instagram is not withThere are pictures. There is also a huge number of jobs and the opportunity for a good job”, Husky Help, a dog shelter in Moscow, posted on its Instagram profile. For the shelter, Instagram is a community that has “gathered for years” and is “one of the main tools for helping dogs.”

What’s going on with YouTube and TikTok?

Russia has not disabled access to YouTube. Some Russian opponents use YouTube to gather information about the war in Ukraine and avoid propaganda for state news. Russian media should not describe the conflict as a war, but should instead call it a “special military operation” so as not to violate the new national law, which threatens those who have been spreading “fakes” about the war in Ukraine for up to 15 years in Prison.

TikTok is still available in Russia, but a social networking site blocked Russian users from uploading videos after Putin signed a new law on March 4.

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