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As part of the NEO platform, Telekom Slovenije has provided its television subscribers with a more advanced video player. From now on, users can scroll through video content by viewing thumbnails, allowing for a five-minute jump and precise scrolling through thumbnail displays. In addition, Telekom Slovenije has presented fans of classical music, opera and ballet with a new culture option, which includes the Mezzo Live HD program and Museum HD, as well as the Kultura video library.

For lovers of cultural content, an excellent program is the choice of culture

With the culture option, performances of ballet, opera and other arts are always available. The software option includes Mezzo Live HD and Museum HD, as well as the Kultura video library. Museum HD offers subscribers sculpture, design, architecture, street art, body painting, and photography, and Mezzo Live HD will delight anyone interested in classical music, opera, and ballet. Subscribers get one month free program option for one month.

TV shows in the program option civilization

HD . Museum It is a unique TV show entirely dedicated to art. Learn about sculpture, design, architecture, street art, body painting, photography and art video. The TV show is a window into the world of art: from classic and modern art to contemporary art. The content is recorded in HD quality and provides the viewer with an exceptional TV experience.

Meizu Live HD It is the leading European music program dedicated to classical music, world music, opera and ballet. It is the only television program to broadcast excerpts from opera and ballet performances by world-famous opera houses.

Video library culture It allows you to instantly watch selected cultural events from international venues around the world. Check out events from operas, concert halls, festivals, dance theaters and jazz clubs.

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