Netflix is ​​trying to disable…

Netflix is ​​not only more expensive, but also more stingy. It is preparing a new set of restrictions on sharing passwords between different households, which of course does not help Netflix much.

Just weeks after announcing the latest price increase, Netflix announced that it would curb the all-too-common practice of sharing passwords between people who don’t live in the same household and urged them to pay extra for the privilege.

Cheng Yilongdirector of innovation at Netflix, writes on his blog: “Although they were you [gospodinjski načrti] So common, it also caused some confusion about when and how Netflix could be shared. As a result, bills are shared between different households, which affects our ability to invest in great new TV shows and movies for our users.. “

During the testing period, Netflix will test its new approach in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. In addition to the ability to transfer viewing profiles to new accounts (to your primary account or to someone else’s account), subscribers will receive invitations to add additional viewers to their package at a reduced price: CLP 2,380 in Chile, $2.99 ​​in Costa Rica and $7.99.9 bin in Peru.

This isn’t the first time that Netflix has tried to restrict password lending. Last year, the company experimentally used an account verification tool to prevent unauthorized users from taking advantage of others’ accounts.

The addition of ‘Add Additional Member’ and ‘Upload a Profile’ features shows that Netflix is ​​thinking strategically about how it can continue to grow as its subscribers decline. If Netflix is ​​to retain the throne of content streaming, it must continue to fund the increasingly expensive originals. This money has to come from somewhere.

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