Twitter now also on Thor

Twitter has recently taken a significant step in the field of privacy and censorship, as it is now also available on Tor.

Twitter has just taken a step towards censorship, even if the tech giant doesn’t ring a big bell.

Recently, Alec Muffett, a cybersecurity expert with a long history of working with the Tor network, announced that he used his skills on Twitter. Specifically, Moffett wrote that he helped the company offer a censorship-resistant way for users to access the social media platform — even if government officials in a country like Russia wanted to prevent it.

Tor works by sending Internet traffic from the user through random servers and encrypting that traffic at every turn. This means that the website does not know who is actually using it, and the ISP does not see the sites that their customers visit. Tor is great, especially for things you want to keep to yourself.

“This is probably the long-awaited and most important tweet I’ve ever written,” Moffitt wrote. On behalf of Twitter, I am happy to post the new TorProject service at: https://twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion/

From now on, users with the free Tor browser installed can access Twitter directly from anywhere in the world where Tor operates. The fact that Twitter now has its own Tor website adds a layer of protection beyond what a user would get if they visited Twitter via the official Tor website.

Tor explains that “the location and IP address of the Onion Network services (which can be accessed via the Tor Browser) are hidden, making it difficult to monitor or identify users.” All traffic between Tor users and Onion services is end-to-end encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about a secure HTTPS connection.

All they wrote on Twitter, of course in a Twitter post, was “We understand that Twitter is limited to certain users in Russia and are working to keep our service safe and accessible.”

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