5G-enabled phones for the first time this year…

Prices for the best smartphones rise from year to year, but fortunately, manufacturers realize that not all users are willing to pay more than a thousand euros for a new device – not even those who want to use the latest 5G mobile network. The latter is becoming more and more accessible to users of mobile services and gives them advantages, especially in the form of faster data transfer.

So it is not surprising that more and more mobile subscribers are choosing to use the high-speed 5G mobile network. Phones that support 5G were not widely represented at first, but now there are more and more of them and they are becoming more and more affordable. This year, for the first time in history, sales of 5G mobile phones exceeded sales of 4G phones.

5G smartphone sales topped 4G phones in January of this year. In the future, we can expect that sales of 5G-enabled smartphones will only grow sharply. Most of the new smartphones are equipped with this technology.

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