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Mac Studio was unveiled as part of Apple’s latest event. With a 3.7-inch or 9.3-cm case, the interesting Mac Studio is actually a larger version of the Mac mini, but with one important difference – increased performance. Apple’s new desktop computer is powered by the new M1 Ultra processor. This one has twenty processor cores. 16 cores are for the most demanding tasks, and four are for saving electricity. Up to 64 graphics cores are available to convert graphic content. The new version is also available with up to eight TB of SSD memory and up to 128 GB of system memory.

Since the Apple Mac Studio PC has impressed many, it has been checked by fans of the Max Tech web portal. They soon realized that accessing the inner components of modernity was very easy. For this, it is only necessary to remove the screws hidden under the rubber ring on the underside of the device. All hardware components are perfectly arranged.

The most interesting novelty in the Apple Mac Studio PC are the two interfaces, or connectors, for the hard drive. This actually means that you can either replace the solid state drive with an M2 interface or add it yourself. An interesting achievement for web fans Max Tech can be seen at

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