The Apple M1 Ultra chip is good…

Apple’s M1 Ultra chip could shake up the computer industry. This is good news for consumers – if it lives up to expectations – but it poses a problem for other chip makers like Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

Apple’s new M1 Ultra processor is already on the market. The chip, which can be had in a new Mac Studio computer for $ 3999, is supposed to be very powerful and can compete with the best products from Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

This is definitely good news for consumers who are looking for new gaming hardware and modern payment systems for video and photo editing software. This is also a major achievement for Apple, which began offering chips for laptops and desktops only in 2020.

The new Apple chip also means significant cost savings for people who want a massive PC that can handle the most demanding tasks. Apple says the full version of the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra chip, which costs $7,999, can be edited with the $25,599 Mac Pro when editing videos with an Intel chip and AMD graphics card.

And yes, $7,999 is a huge amount of money, but it’s crazy to get that kind of performance from a much cheaper system than the Mac Pro.

With the M1 series, Apple outperforms the companies whose development and production are key business areasAn analyst at Wedbush told Yahoo Finance Dan Ives.

What is good for Apple, of course, is bad for its competitors. This is because, according to experts, the M1 Ultra PCs can forgo Windows PCs and opt for Cupertino Macs.

Apple has an internal silicon business. It is extremely powerful and a pioneer in application processor designsaid Gartner’s senior managing director and analyst for Yahoo Finance John Erensen.

Apple puts pressure on Intel, Nvidia and AMD

There is only one caveat: the M1 Ultra is only available in Mac Studio. You can not buy it off the shelf and insert it into any computer. This is a huge disappointment for fans of assembling their own PC.

According to Ives, Apple may eventually make the M1 Ultra available to other PC manufacturers, allowing consumers to build their own systems based on the M1 Ultra processor, while Apple will compete directly with Intel, AMD and Nvidia.

The latest M1 Ultra is a game-changer in terms of graphics and is a competitor to NvidiaIves said. “Now it comes down to how big Apple is outside of Cupertino and how much of its chips it sells to third parties. “

Of course, Apple can simply keep its chips and use them to attract potential customers. After all, he’s been doing it with his iPhone for years. Apple also licensed its Mac OS to third parties in the 1990s, but discontinued the program because it cut sales of its Macintosh computers.

However, if Apple starts selling its processors to third parties, it could lose some market share to Intel, Nvidia and AMD. And if the M1 Ultra’s capacity is as big as Apple claims, it could happen faster than we think.

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