Illuvium, a new venture to invest with DAO…

Just a year ago, the NFT gaming sector started to boom, generating increased interest among gamers and investors mainly thanks to the Axie Infinity phenomenon.

Since then we have been able to see a race to find the best project with a more sustainable economy and better gameplay.

Some of these projects have already died despite their young age, and when something disturbing arises, there are those who want to take advantage of the boom and creativity of the new market, and those who decide to take this novelty to the next level.

This is the case of Illuvium, which was slowly simmering while hundreds of toys came to the fore bare-chested, with a life expectancy close to a month.

The Illuvium team started with a brilliant idea, an open-world RPG adventure game with AAA aspirations, where we must travel across vast and diverse landscapes in order to hunt and capture god-like creatures called Illuvials. We must discover the cause of the catastrophe that destroyed this land. Aiming to be a AAA special effects 3D cinematic-quality open-world RPG based on DEFI, Illuvium fuses gaming and cryptocurrency into a unique synergy that appeals to crypto enthusiasts, gamers, and the tech general.

Since the project was announced a year ago, they have dedicated themselves to observing this emerging market, learning from the mistakes of others, and waiting for their project to emerge exactly as it appears in their heads and the project of those waiting for us. with delusion.

There have been many changes made to the initial approach to both the game and its economy, the fact is that the entry of large investors into the project provided the initial idea with very professional advice and know-how on this, which more than justified delays in its roadmap.

Everything seems to indicate that Illuvium is about to emerge once the market recovers, and it will do so by auctioning off the land that will serve as a playground for players.

Together with Dragon Corp Games, we have already defined the investment strategy to follow, relying on the actors who are well positioned in the project that give us the much-needed edge when making the best decisions.

We are pleased to announce that as of this moment you have Cryptoplaza Gaming DAO available to invest capital in this project.


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