The new Galaxy Z Flip with…

Smartphones, at least in terms of hardware performance, have already come close to the performance that only PCs were able to achieve until recently. Manufacturers have begun incorporating gigahertz processors and dedicated graphics cores into high-end models. This has actually increased the capabilities of smartphones to be able to run today’s demanding games, play HD videos and enable true multitasking.

It looks like smartphone manufacturers will now start paying more attention to screens. Here, of course, we consider foldable screens, which are becoming increasingly popular among users. Samsung is expected to have particularly interesting plans in this area. This presented a very interesting patent for the foldable Galaxy Z Flip smartphone. It’s supposed to have a 30cm screen, or twice as long now.

Despite the large screen, users will still have a very compact device. The screen will be foldable and foldable. However, since this is just a patent, it is not yet known when Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Z Flip smartphone with a 30cm screen.

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