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According to the latest research, Episcenter constantly monitors and checks customer satisfaction with telecom service providers in the Slovenian market, T-2 has been recognized once again as the operator with the most satisfied customers, the highest customer support and high-quality Internet, TV and telephone offers. With the further development and expansion of its sales network and optical network access, T-2 will continue to strive to provide its users with fast, secure and reliable communication services in order to continue to enjoy their sympathy and trust in the best possible user experience.

The survey, which was conducted from December 23, 2021 to January 11, 2022, was conducted in Episcentar in the form of an online survey based on a balanced sample structure and included users from all Slovenian regions in all age groups using the services of one of the Slovenian telecommunications providers. Using it, they examined the market how well respondents know Slovenian operators and how to identify them and connect them to individual services, such as television, Internet and telephone communications. Also find out what is the level of affection, satisfaction and loyalty of each operator and how users rate their services, customer service and package offer in relation to price and service quality.

The results of this year’s survey also showed that T-2 has the most satisfied users among operators, who are mainly passionate about TV services with a wide range of TV programs by providing additional functions such as time delay, T-2 tv2go mobile TV monitoring across the Union European and other innovative solutions for smart TVs, where programs can also be viewed in 4K. Equally important for users are Internet services, with stable and flawless network operation and high speeds, characterized by uninterrupted, secure and reliable connections and high-quality communication equipment. The T-2 combines all these advantages in its own bandwidth, with the most powerful Orange Diamond package providing speeds of up to 750/150Mbit/s.

T-2 subscribers are also more satisfied with the availability and responsiveness of customer support and technical support services, as they also put the friendship of the staff first. Areas valued by T-2 users include a loyalty program with benefits for subscribers, a favorable price-to-offer ratio, and quality of packages.

T-2 also has the largest share of subscribers who agree that in addition to high-quality and reliable services, their telecom operator is also technologically advanced and innovative, operates with social responsibility and is also the friendliest operator. At the same time, the mentioned research is also comforting with the fact that among T-2 subscribers there are also few who are considering changing the package provider.

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