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What all falls under the purchase of a particular product? Preparation, writing a shopping list, choosing the product at the best value, finding possible discounts, transportation, searching in the store and finally making payment.

We can also spend several hours a week on all of this, but if we include random columns on the road and in stores, the time budget can be increased. Fortunately, we live in a period of digitization, which allows us with a little skill on our part to facilitate and speed up almost every area of ​​life. This also applies to purchases in grocery stores and other specialized stores (pharmacy, bookstore …). Do you already know who can help you with everyday tasks?

number? Think about smart homes and who cares about the comfort and the carefree life of the residents. Of course, we are talking about digital assistants, which can either speed up monotonous and unnecessary tasks, simplify them, make them easier or all of them.

From now on, you can rely on Listek’s digital assistant for your daily purchases, which you can install in Google Play and the App Store.

Where did the idea for Listic come from?

In times of crisis and volatile times, changes in the market and user requirements usually lead to quite a few new solutions, services and applications. This is also the beginning of the story of the Listek mobile app, which was created due to the covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, founders Patricia Kovac (graduated graphic designer) and Shija Platohar (photographer and videographer) faced some challenges in performing daily tasks, which they decided to simplify. They were responsible for purchases, both for their own family and for other close family members. In addition to creating various shopping lists, they were also forced to seduce older family members and grab a handwritten shopping list.

The additional costs of transportation are transferred somehow, because they are family members. However, it is difficult to justify the time spent unnecessarily. This is where the Listek mobile app comes in, the solution to all shopping problems of Slovenian consumers.

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What does the Listek mobile app allow you to do?

First of all, let us emphasize that this is a mobile application, which means that the digital assistant Listek will always be with you, since only a few users have a strong enough will to be separated from their smartphones for several hours.

The concept of the publication was to combine all the functions that we need before and during the purchase. They started with a shopping list. First of all, using the ticket, you will lay out paper and pencil and arrange the assembly of the shopping list within the application. The next step is to delete all the custom apps you have for different stores, the list contains more than 100 different stores (Špar, Lidl, Hofer, Mercator() and other providers (libraries, pharmacies…).You will then put all your loyalty cards in the drawer that You keep it in your wallet unnecessarily. From now on, you will have your loyalty cards stored in the Listek app. In addition to quick and easy access, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your loyalty cards.

The list of existing jobs does not end here. You also have a transparent weekly list of all the current coupons in grocery stores. This way you’ll always be in the know when you can use your 25% off Spar or retiree coupon at all other grocery stores. You will no longer have to browse through catalogs or flyers to get the best benefits. An economical purchase is now just a few clicks away.

Speaking of catalogs, you will notice a special section Catalogs in the ticket, where you will be able to browse all the current offers of the most visited sellers.

You can share all this with your loved ones. No more phone conversations, no more trips to Grandma and Grandma for handwritten shopping lists, you can do it all in the Listek app. Thanks to the simple user experience and transparent graphic interface, you will only need a few minutes to explain the operation of the publication even to those who are not fully skilled in mobile technology.

Mobile App Helper Digital Shopping Lists

All users with whom you have shared the list can add their products at any time or remove them after purchase. All subscribed users have been notified of the change to the shopping list.

To summarize: Launch the Leaflet app before purchasing. Choose the stores you plan to visit on that day. Create a new shopping list and at the same time browse existing catalogs, coupons and discounts. Share the list you created with other family members who will expand your shopping list as needed. Then all you have to do is shop and start editing your shopping list. Finally, remember to use all available coupons and loyalty cards.

The Listek mobile app quickly transcends the frameworks initially set up for creators – to help loved ones with their everyday purchases. In a very short time, the digital assistant Listek roamed into the hands of Slovenian users (today there are more than 5,000 of them), who faced the same problem during the pandemic.

If you still struggle with everyday shopping (for many households), find out about Listek mobile app today. Available on Google Play and App Store.

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