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Blackouts prefer to occur at the busiest time of the day, before an important project has been completed.

Due to such and similar events, UPS devices are very important. It serves as the first protection for your data and devices, as it provides uninterrupted power even when the main power supply is turned off.

OFYS RT, easy to use and powerful

OFYS RT, which provides uninterruptible power supply for devices with online protection (VFI class according to IEC / EN62040-3 standards), power models include 1000 VA – 2000 VA – 3000 VA – 6000 VA. OFYS RT is suitable protection for various computer networks, communications, business processes, servers, control systems and small databases.

OFYS RT is designed in a compact “rack” version to integrate with standard rack cabinets, but can also be used as a stand-alone UPS, saving space in the work environment. The OFYS RT’s “rack” occupies a height of 2 units, has a full LCD display, is compatible with existing interfaces, and allows unrestricted operation in environments with temperatures up to 40°C.

OFYS RT has a wide range of communication protocols: USB and RS232 interface, which are serially integrated into the UPS, SNMP card and relay card are also available as an option.

It is allowed to add additional battery tanks on the 6 kVA model to increase the autonomy.

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