T-2 with Diamant Esports enters the world…

With the establishment of Diamant Esports, the first professional esports organization in Slovenia, T-2 is actively involved in the gaming industry this year, which is estimated to be one of the fastest growing and showing great potential in Slovenia. By entering the world of professional gaming, T-2 will primarily ensure that talented and promising competitors can develop in a professional environment that will provide them with an excellent starting point for achieving the best results in international competitions. In doing so, it will particularly emphasize the importance of a responsible attitude towards esports, and at the same time provide all fans with uninterrupted and secure Internet connections, which are essential to the quality of video game play.

Gregor Štampohar, a member of the T-2 Board of Directors, stresses the need to pay more attention to the development of the gaming industry in the direction of professionalism, adding: “We have supported the establishment of Diamant Esports at T-2 for many reasons: a rich offering of the best equipment in the T-2 club To meet the special needs of many fans of computer games, emphasizing strongly the need for a structured and responsible approach to esports, which takes place in a digital environment.Therefore, we entrusted the experienced management team of Diamant Esports to take care of the development of professional players, the acquisition of a wide range of knowledge and their good physical and mental fitness.

In close cooperation with the Electronic Sports Association of Slovenia (EŠZS), which focuses all its efforts on organizing e-sports and raising public awareness of what e-sports is, and with counselors and psychologists from the Nora Institute (LOGOUT), which designs programs for integrated interaction with our competitors, we are on the right track To set a good example for the youth and thus show them how organized and disciplined they are to enter the interactive, highly engaging and exciting world of gaming.”

Diamant Esports will be the first professional organization to be represented by two professional teams, League of Legends at Balkan EBL and Valorant East United in regional tournaments. The latter will seize the first opportunity in March of this year.

More detailed information is available on the Diamant Esports website https://diamant.gg/, and you can also follow her on social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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