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There are many reasons why Argeta is so popular, and with their latest steps, they have also invited fans of modern technologies and the digital world to their circle of fans and admirers. Argeta has released its own set of 21 NFTs, called Argetty.

21 Argetty Collection Argeta Lovers Liked

Brand interest in blockchain technology and digital assets has grown exponentially in recent months, as the technology also offers new ways for brands to connect with consumers. Some of the world’s biggest brands have already started expanding their presence in the web3.0 environment.

Argeta also moved this line in March 2022, joining a handful of global brands that have already established their own NFT (. Irreplaceable icons) oz. An irreplaceable icon. However, Argeta has created not just one NFT, but a group of 21 NFTs under the common name Argettyji, thus becoming the first FMCG brand in the region with its own set of NFTs.

“Argeta is very popular with users precisely because it has revolutionized traditional sweets and turned it into a modern product, so we wanted to show and prove its novelty and innovation with Argetty, and use this new channel to more clearly present the brand’s features. Meat and fish dishes in Europe,” Argetty was commented on by Enzo Smrekar, Atlantic Grupa Vice President of Canned Food, Donat and Internationalization.

NFTs provide new opportunities for brands to create loyalty programs, as they can offer benefits to both consumers who own their tokens in the physical and digital worlds. Argentina NFT Group does not currently offer additional benefits, “Because Argetty, as a collector’s token for the very first and very limited series of Argetty tokens, has a different value to true fans – and that value can of course eventually turn into monetary value,” he said. explained Shiva Deo, Head of Digital Strategy for the delicatessen food business strategy at Atlantic Grupa.

To showcase all the features and faces of the product, Argeta has created 21 Argetties, each with its own unique story representing a single Argeta brand feature, value or mission. Thus, Argetties are not just digital collectibles, but each carries its own message and all Argetties together form the entirety of Argent’s identity.

The 21 Argettys that make up the Argeta NFT range are:

  • Famous Argetty
  • Sustainable Argetty
  • Respected Argetty
  • Family Friendly Argetty
  • Junior Argetti
  • The legendary argeti
  • Exclusive Argetty
  • Fiji Argeti
  • Argeti love
  • Always better Argetty
  • number. 1 argity
  • I want it hot
  • Argyte hunter
  • farmer argeti
  • Free from Argetty
  • outdoorsy argyle
  • My mail is argy
  • Explorer Argyle
  • Digital Argyle
  • Awarded Argetty
  • Chief Argeti

The most compelling fans have become the unique owners of Argetty

The Argeta group of NFTs appeared on the Solana blockchain on March 9, and every Instagram user could apply for ownership. All Argeta fans had to do was comment on the post on Argentina’s Instagram profile to convince the community that they deserved to become the owner of the Argentine NFT.

In the race for the 21st Argetty, 335 people competed, and only the most convincing of them became Argetty owners – a total of 3,085 likes comments. The proud owners have become part of Argeta’s private community and Argeta anticipates that they will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits in the future.

On social media, Argetty’s story reached 2,500,000 people from 10 countries and garnered more than 12,000 likes, comments and shares, and Argetty’s Instagram profile gained nearly 800 new followers in March. More about the Argentine NFT group can be found at:

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