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In the past few years, it has become quite evident that the classic methods that marketers used to gain new leads no longer work. Younger generations no longer watch classic TV, instead watching content on YouTube and other social networks.

Already 40% of customers discover a product on YouTube and then buy it

Video has become one of the key formats in learning about new products, and on YouTube alone, 40% of customers discover a new product and then buy it. According to the experience of Digital Marketing Professionals at Growthcom, YouTube is an excellent channel of the FUNNEL that we are interested in and above all facilitating the buying decision by demonstrating the benefits of the product through sound and image.

Vision investing is a taboo topic for many entrepreneurs, as there is a belief that there is no sense in investing in a channel that does not generate sales results immediately. If we know the funnel and the role of vision in sales, we know that without vision there are no ideal effects in sales, at least in the long run.

Combine with keyword rental is the right choice

Nowadays, the modern customer often collects information obtained from search engines and YouTube, and on this basis decides which brand to choose. YouTube is the largest social network with video content and the second most used search engine right after Google. In the do-it-yourself and similar categories, researchers often visit YouTube directly for more information and don’t go to Google at all.

For best results, it makes sense to rent relevant keywords on Google and create active YouTube campaigns at the same time. These two online channels complement each other very well, as with YouTube ads we make the audience aware of our product and at the same time we are one click away when they go to Google for further exploration.

Many types of YouTube ads for optimum revenue

Advertising on YouTube offers many opportunities to achieve our goals. We can choose between skipped ads, bumper ads, and unskipped ads, to name a few of the most interesting ones.

Unskipped ads can be anywhere from 6 to 15 seconds long and pay per 1000 impressions. With them, we can increase brand awareness and gameplay before, during or after your desired video.

Skippable ads are a great option when you want to pay per performance, where only video views longer than 30 seconds are counted, or full video views if they are shorter than 30 seconds. We can also include a call-to-action button in the ad, which encourages visits to our website. The advantage of skippable ads is also that the user can skip the ad in 5 seconds after watching our video, thus achieving 75% more interactions on average than non-skippable ads.

Bumper ads are unbeatable 6-second ads in which we can work on visibility or combine the message we’ve conveyed to the audience back with a YouTube ad. Three small ads make a bigger impression than one 30 while watching the video. With three active bumper ads, we also achieve a 107% increase in brand recall and up to 134% increase in purchase intent. We pay per CPM per 1000 impressions.

Story, creativity and common thread are the key to success

After more than 10 years of experience as digital marketing professionals at Growthcom, a good story, creative solution, and common thread are key to YouTube advertising success.

We attract a good story immediately The interest and excitement of our audience, which is a necessary condition for the success of our YouTube campaign. The most compelling are those stories with which we have some first-hand experience. Stories that stem from problems and show solutions achieve much better results than just praising ourselves without focusing on solving the problems of our target audience.

A good video is another important component of advertising on YouTube. We need to take into account the peculiarities of the channel, since the most important thing is to quickly grab attention in the first five seconds, so that the audience does not skip our ad. Then, it is necessary to retain and hold the audience until the end of the broadcast, thus increasing the chances that part of the audience will click on the call to action in the ad and make a purchase after coming to our site.

However, the biggest mistake advertisers make is that they give up too quickly and don’t stick with it. Building an online business takes time, effort, and a wealth of diverse knowledge. Therefore, it is crucial that we realize this and put YouTube into a marketing strategy that has a tail and a head and pursues tangible business goals.


Through YouTube ads, companies are gaining a new channel through which they can introduce a new product, increase interest, and facilitate a buying decision. It is suitable for companies with smaller budgets as well as more popular brands that want to increase reach. It’s important that we handle YouTube ads carefully and set realistic, achievable goals.

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