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Collect or buy, this is a constant debate among PC enthusiasts. Which is better and cheaper? What do you need to pay attention to? How does the current situation in the PC market affect your decision?

Even if you are not a passionate gamer, you should consider upgrading your player before your next PC purchase. why? The gaming computer is probably the most versatile device on the market. If we ignore playing computer games for a moment, a gaming computer can do practically anything. After the Apex Legends marathon, your gaming monster can be turned into a workstation, where you can easily edit videos, take photos, program and make a video conference call without any lag (if the hardware is good enough). With enough computer skills, you can also turn your gaming PC into an Android device. With the advent of Windows 11, this has become easier.

Below, we will focus mostly on desktop gaming computers. Why isn’t it also on laptops? Gaming laptops can do just about anything their desktop counterparts can do, but this portable device has some drawbacks in addition to its advantages. The most obvious is the resistance to aging or the possibility of promotion. With desktop computers, you can replace components, but not with laptops. In most cases, you can only replace system memory (RAM) and storage drives. The graphics card and processor are usually built into the motherboard, and the upgrade itself is financially useless in this case. You can choose an external graphics card, but then it’s hard to say this is a computer you’ll take with you on the go.

Then it is necessary to mention another common annoyance of laptop users – overheating. The exploits of the laptop manufacturers are commendable. They were able to “squeeze” even the most powerful graphics cards and processors (of course, mobile versions) into such a thin and portable form. No matter the cooling system and the number of hot air outlets, laptops always face a serious heat management challenge. Therefore, you will often notice and feel the temperature rise during heavy tasks.

Let’s go back to gaming desktops and the eternal question of whether to assemble a (custom) computer or buy a pre-built (already assembled) one.

Do you pre-build a gaming PC or assemble it by components?

What is the best? There is no simple answer, especially today, as the situation in the computer market remains volatile. However, there are some facts that can help you make the decision:

  • Most pre-construction systems contain lower quality components, and therefore cheaper components.
  • Most pre-build systems have proprietary components that are less expensive and at the same time not suitable for upgrade. A good example is motherboards, where you will have a hard time finding a compatible processor and graphics card.
  • A component computer is often the cheapest in terms of components. A global shortage of raw materials and high graphics card prices have narrowed this price gap, but it still remains.
  • With a computer assembled by components, you can choose the hardware yourself, as a result, the computer is better optimized.

Although we have listed several superlatives for custom PCs, pre-built PCs also have their advantages:

  • pre-installed software (operating system, Office (),
  • Technical support from manufacturer/seller,
  • Avoid nightmares in case of warranty claim,
  • Access to additional seller services.

So, in the end, it is an individual decision. In fact, many users want to build their own computers. This is the dream of every enthusiast who grew up with this technology. However, they are held back by fear or fear of installing something wrong, spoiling/damaging something, or purchasing incompatible hardware components. The PCPartPicker website or the computer forums on Reddit can help you with the latter, as similar enthusiasts advise, with a little experience.

If you are still not sure of your abilities, contact the company Venom PC. Their main activity is to let gamers build their dream computer for gaming. They will advise you to choose to get the best possible gaming computer for your needs and budget. If you only play Minecraft or Fortnite, it is not recommended to buy the new RTX 3080 or RX 6800 XT. Simply put, the entire set of equipment will be customized to suit your use, ensuring that you don’t have to upgrade your gaming PC every two years.

We’ve teamed up with their experts and brought back some tips for choosing the right hardware.

How do you even start looking for the right gaming PC?

Put a budget first: 500, 1000, 1000 euros or more? For $500 these times, don’t expect a decent dedicated graphics card. In this range, you will rely on more integrated graphics solutions, which are still sufficient to play older and less graphics intensive games. For 1000 euros, two years ago we had a gaming PC with the latest graphics cards RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070 (Super). Today, this is an almost impossible task. The used graphics card market is also a real mess. Old graphics cards are selling for more than they were worth at the start of their sales cycle.

For more than a thousand euros, you already have more options.

What should you pay the most attention to?

Processor and graphics card

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