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The digital transformation of your organization is not only necessary and beneficial, with Arhivservis.si it is also smooth and fun.

We live in the time of “Skype Grandmothers”, as one might express in the post-film and business world. Therefore, there are no more excuses that we have not yet embarked on the process of digital transformation, as it is becoming an increasing necessity.

Digital transformation isn’t just about buying new software or hardware – it’s so much more than that. It is important to take a comprehensive approach, as this is the only way to achieve success and benefit everyone involved. The most important thing is that it is carried out with quality and professionalism, and an important part is preparing a digital strategy.

The key to this is proper digital leadership, which creates and cultivates an appropriate digital culture, equips employees with digital competencies and provides an excellent employee experience, and appropriate support and investment in true digital solutions. To succeed, a high-quality digital strategy must be developed, focused on achieving an excellent digital customer experience (Cx), underpinned by effective use of data, and the use of digital solutions to support business processes and employees. At the same time, we must not forget about important things such as cyber security, changing business models and other digital details.

Transformation into a digital business model

All this and more allows you to transform your business model into a digital business model that we need to do business in the digital economy, just as we need access to documents at work. Fast, transparent and verifiable. With this, Arhivservis.si has over 15 years of experience and excellent references!

They provide you with a suite of trainings to raise employees’ digital competencies, prepare high-quality digital strategies tailored to your organization, and guide for digital transformation. They can handle this for you comprehensively and in depth, but if you have some time and a little knowledge, they also offer you digital training as part of their digital 365 service.

Especially for large organizations that produce a lot of documents, they provide services for digitization of archival and business documents on the basis of the principle “up to a document in less than a minute!”. but that is not all. Since they are a disabled company, working with them brings another benefit – using replacement quotas if you have enough employees to stick to them.

They are the official contractor in the field digital competencies at digital strategies In the Digital Innovation Center in Slovenia, where two recognized experts work, Mr. Tanya Dagavic and A. Jure Trbič, offers quality employee training or the preparation of digital strategies for your (social) company.

In collaboration with the founder of MedArhiv doo, soc.p., Griffin ZC doo, they inventoried, classified and preserved or. Prepared to take over archival material in the archives, document health institutions (PB Vojnik, PB Begunje, KC Golnik, ZD Ljubljana, ZD Celje, ZD Šmarje pri jelšah and ZD Ormož), prepared a sample of internal bases and the like. Since 2011, they have been actively cooperating with ZRC SAZU in the field of document digitization and ensuring public access to materials.

In less than a month, they are preparing their first 2-day online workshop on secure digital transformation. The first day will be devoted to a review of digitization in general and my work, and the second day unfortunately will be devoted to the very current topic, cybersecurity (in).

You are invited to contact Arhivservis.si via 080 48 45 or [email protected] You can also find more at www.arhivservis.si/digitalizirajmo-se.

You can also contact them directly on Linkedin:

Tanja – https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanja-cajavec-arhivservis/

Jure – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jure-trbič/

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